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Entertainment for the kids

It’s difficult to find something entertaining for the kids any time of the year so here’s a great idea for some Halloween fun. We wanted to do a few entertaining and ghoulish experiments and so we’d love to share the recipe for this great messy glow-in-the-dark goo.

It’s a nice and easy experiment, but it's rather messy, so I’d suggest doing it outside and covering the table with plenty of newspaper!


Newspaper, a big bowl, clothes you don’t mind getting messy or a long sleeved overall, water, cornflour, green food colouring (there are loads of great organic colourings out there)


Fill a cup up with the flour and put this in a bowl. Add water very carefully mixing with your hands the whole time, until you get a sticky, gooey slime. If you want to colour it, add some food colouring, although you should be careful as this can stain skin and clothes.

Play with the goo and see how it behaves. What are its properties? Can you shape it into a ball? What happens if you chuck it onto the floor? (Perhaps do this outside or lay plenty of newspaper down!) Don’t forget to wash your hands!

Science behind the experiment

Did you see that if you form a ball with the goo it is solid, but if you drop it on the ground it becomes liquid again? The slime is a non–Newtonian liquid because it doesn’t flow like fluids usually do.

We have plenty of resources on our site about how to entertain and educate kids. Get in touch if you have any more queries.

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